Spring return ball valve

Type-21 Ball Valve - Spring Return Handle (1/2" - 4") A spring return handle provides safe, reliable fail closed or fail open manual operation of a ball valve. A maintained valve position is achieved only by hand activation of the lever, once the handle is released, the valve will spring to the predetermined fail position.Injection valves are mounted at the point of injection to connect the metering line. They protect against backflow and generate a defined back pressure. With the PP, PVC, PVDF and stainless steel version, the injection valve with ball check is spring-loaded with a Hastelloy C spring, priming pressure approx. 0.5 bar (with R1/4 connector, spring ...

Answer (1 of 2): A non-spring return valve requires pressure to open or close the valve. In the absence of pneumatic pressure the valve remains in the last position that was selected. A spring return valve requires pressure in one direction and a release of pressure in the other direction. In the...Our selection of 76-500 series Apollo spring return valves includes the most common models found on refuelling vehicles. Application: They are generally used as purge or sampling valves. Advantages: Automatic closing when the operator releases the actuator. Contact us for more information or if you can't find the right product for you. Material: Stainless steel (ball valve and handle ...

Design Details: A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball "floating ball" to control flow through it. Cryogenic Ball Valves are designed for temperatures down to minus — 196°C for medias such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Natural Gas and Carbon Dioxide.We have 1 Flow-Tek 1/2. buy discount store FLOW-TEK - 1/2" Series 7000 Ball Valve 1000 WOG - with Kinetrol Spring Return reduced prices

Automated Valves are our specialty but we also have manually operated and gear operated valves. Spring Loaded Ball Valves for Safety and Prevent Valves from Being Left in Open Position, which could be an environmental hazard. Spring Return and Double Acting Actuators are available for quick shipment.

The ball on seat symbols inside the valve also indicates that this is a low leakage poppet style valve rather than a traditional spool style valve. The bottom symbol shows a three-way three position valve that is hydraulically operated. This valve also has two end springs to return the spool to the centre position when no pilot signal is available.For use with 24v, 230v and 0-10v modulating actuators. Linkage supplied as standard with all valves. Valve Body Material - 2 port brass, 3 port brass/stainless steel. 2 port suitable for medium temperature up to 100°C, 3 port suitable for medium temperature up to 140°C. Suitable for use with glycol - 2 port max 30%, 3 port max 50%.

Single Acting Spring Return Pilot Actuator. Air Pilot Actuator, 1 1/4" Bore [See More] Features: • Heavy Duty Double Acting Ball Valve Systems. • Valve sizes from ¼ " to 3 ". • 140 in.lbs to 800 in.lbs. • Spring Return Valve operators. • Single acting with spring close or open.Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full Port. "Deadman" Spring Return Handle Stainless Steel Ball Valve. "Deadman" Spring Return Handle Brass Ball Valve. King Combination Nipple NPT Threaded. Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full Port, Locking Handle. 3 Piece Industrial Stainless Steel Ball Valve FNPT. EZ Boss-Lock Cam & Groove Type D Coupler x Female NPT.

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The NIBCO® Series NDA/NSR pneumatic actuator features a patented spring design and a durable anodized extruded aluminum body. They are specifically designed for quarter-turn applications, including ball valves, butterfly valves, dampers and plug valves.
★ Made of 304 stainless steel, it is more durable. Port size 2 "so the flow is smoother. Valve OperationAir-Operated. TypeBall Valve. Body materialSUS 304 stainless steel Sealing material: PTFE. Port size2".

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Motorized Ball Valve with Spring Return (110VAC) This is the Waterline Series Two-Way, Spring-Return, Plated Brass Ball and Stem Ball Valve Assemblies without End Switches. These Ball Valves are designed to regulate the flow of hot or chilled water and, for some models, low-pressure steam in response to the demand of a controller in HVAC systems.